Dr. Melissa Caudle, aka Dr. Mel, lives in New Orleans, LA with her husband, one dog, and two cats.  She loves films, music, and art.  She is also an affiliate with Prime My Body.

Dr. Melissa Caudle

What can be said about Dr. Melissa Caudle, aka Dr. Mel.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, her love and dedication to her family cannot be denied.  In fact, she says, her family always come first.  To her, that didn't mean not having a life of her own. Instead, she uses her family as her inspiration in everything she does.  From taking inspiration from her family to compose a song, painting alongside her grandchildren, or encorporating her life experiences into her screenplays, she is never short on finding her inspiration.

Dr. Mel, earned her PhD from the Univiersity of New Orleans in administration and research and minored in grief and loss counseling.  After more than twenty years as a teacher and principal of a school for juvenile delinquents she retired when she became ill with toxic mold poisening.  Life was very difficult as she was averaging 18-24 seizures a day, and had lost her long-term memory.  

The illness took a toll on her as she struggled to get healthy.  More than five years passed before she was able to get the medical help she needed from three specialists, Dr. Kaye Kilburn, Dr. Michael Gray, and Dr. Labiner.  At the time, her local doctors didn't know how to treat her illness.   Together, they worked to diagnose and treat the many complications she suffered.  She was fighting for her life and the chronic pain, depression, and many other symptoms continued to haunt her.


It wasn't easy for Dr. Mel to overcome her illness.  It took thousands of dollars and three doctors in three states to treat her.  But, she was determined.  Fortuanately, for Caudle, Dr. Gray also practiced alternative medicine.  It was he who introduced her to a healthier way of living.  Just as she was getting back on track with her health, Hurricane Katrina hit her hometown of New Orleans causing Caudle to evacuate.  It was more than two years later before she was able to return to New Orleans.

Her husband remained in New Orleans to rebuild their home while Caudle and her daughter moved to Alabama.  While there, tragedy struck again - Caudle fell and fractured her L-4 in her lower spine resulting in back surgery.  The surgery consisted of a spinal fusion and the placement of a metal cage, two rods, and four screws in her back.  The pain was unbearable as was the recovery.  Her back surgeon prescribed Caudle Fentynol - a highly addictive opiad and narcotic.  That was in 2006.  Ten years later Caudle wanted off Fentynol for several reasons.  First, it was unhealthy and the potential damage for her liver was her main concern.  Secondly, she felt like she could tolerate the pain.

Her doctor informed her that she couldn't go "cold turkey" from the Fentynol and had to be weaned from it.  It was only with the help of Hemp Oil that Caudle states she was able to get off this addicting patch.  "The hemp oil helps my pain," she says.

One thing for certain is that Caudle cherishes her health she has today.  "We are only given one body and it is our responsibility to take care of it," she says.  "Trust me, you never want to go down a path of not being healthy."

Who is Dr. Mel?

Dr. Mel's transition from a principal with a PhD to a person with a severe illness wasn't easy on her.  Needless to say, she not only was ill, but also suffering from depression.  "I felt everything that I had worked for was gone," she said.  "So, I had to re-invent who I was."

Part of re-inventing herself was finding things to occupy her day.  Now back in New Orleans, the film industry there was booming.  Her doctor encouraged her to get involved. First starting that stage of her life as a film extra, then actress, she soon transitioned to behind the camera as a production assistant, director, screenwriter, and producer.  Now you know why she has published so many books on screenwriting and reality show creation .  She studied hard and learned that industry from the ground up.

During her sparetime, she rekindled the love of art and music.  She had always been a fan of both.  Now, she finally was gifted the time, so to speak, to pursue those interests.  She composes soundtracks for independent films.  As a child, she played the violin and viola.  As an adult, she taught herself t play the piano and served as her church pianist for more than a decade.  She is the sole composer for the alternative electronic group Mystic Towers .

As for her art, she draws daily as a part of her "Journaling" as her art captures a moment in her time.  Her mother encouraged Caudle to publish her drawings in the format of Adult Coloring Books .  Soon, Caudle was using her drawings to help others to relax and often will take her books to a Senior Citizen Retirement Center and color with the residents.  "I don't know who benefits more from my time coloring, them or me," she says.  "None of that matters.  What matters is giving back and most importantly being healthy enough to do so."

Today, Caudle is an affiliate of Prime My Body .  The company focuses on health and wellness, something Caudle believes.  "I became an affiliate of PMB because I know first-hand how the products work in my life," she said.  These products are something I can endorse and get behind."

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